Brand: Kai-aakmann

[Style I.D.] EXO-K – Kai-aakmann

SID_OW_Kai-aakmann_EXO-KThe coats are from South Korean label Kai-aakmann, a favourite of EXO’s stylists.  Here, as seen at the Seoul Music Awards Red Carpet, 130131.

Handmade Double Breasted Long Coat in Camel | Shop: KRW(₩) | Image Source: BNT News | DO NOT EDIT

[Style I.D.] EXO-M Lay, Lu Han & Chen – Kai-aakmann at Incheon Airport, 121101

As seen at Incheon Airport departure, 121101.SID_OW_Kai-aakmann_LayLay: Corduroy Patched Sleeves Quilted Jacket in Grey | Shop: KRW(₩) | Image Source: Chère Mamie

SID_OW_Kai-aakmann_LuHan1Lu Han: Zip Blouson Jacket in Khaki | Shop: KRW(₩) | Image Source: TRUSTLUHAN


Chen: Pattern Knit Sweater in Navy | Shop: KRW(₩) | Image Source: Chan10

Identified by: the EXO Style | DO NOT EDIT