Style I.D. finds are the results of long hours of hard work and generosity of knowledge sharing. Each single find (comprised of: the member’s image, item image in the exact style and colour, item description, shopping link and credit to original source) is conducted and identified by the admin’s own research and carefully put together. It is highly appreciated that you show respect by following these simple rules:

  • Always give proper and full credit by linking or when taking out materials from this site.
  • Do not edit Style I.D. find(s) in any way.
  • Do not claim as your find(s).
  • Do not repost to Tumblr (reblog from theEXOStyle‘s Tumblr).
  • Do not compile and mass repost Style I.D. finds to other sites*.

*Style I.D. finds were found in mass repost (reposting of multiple finds all at once or on a continuous basis) with no or incomplete credit on other sites, specifically Weibo, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Weheartit, Polyvore and more. It is unacceptable. DO NOT compile and mass repost.

Failure to obey the rules is at your own risk and considered as theft – proper action will henceforth be taken.

Read the F.A.Qs

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