EXO 2015 Comeback Concept – Pathcode #KAI

In view of their much awaited comeback announced at the end of March 2015, the first teaser revealed a ‘pathcode’ concept, and of course the updated EXO logo.

This time round it’s a cube shape and visually quite close to the first logo, possibly a connection to EXO’s early beginnings, knowing that this comeback will be EXO’s premier as 10 members.


As usual, the art director masterminds behind EXO came up with a cleverly researched concept where the teaser had connections to Social Networking Sites, such as Instagram and Twitter, sprinkled with hints and riddles to build fans’ anticipation worldwide!

Pathcode #Kai

The teaser began with a bird eye view of the city of London at 15.00, where Kai’s spotted trying to runway from whoever was following him.



Managed to escape from the stranger on a rooftop.


PathcodePath guiding to the next Code to unlock new teasers.
SC_EXODUS_140318_PathcodeEXOFollow @PathcodeEXOEXO’s official 2015 comeback Twitter account for upcoming hints and enter the answer on EXO’s official website exo.smtowm.com to gain access to teasers.


After receiving the notification on his Galaxy S6 handphone (ㅋㅋ wise product placement for Samsung’s upcoming smartphone), flashback scenes from the OVERDOSE era came back to him.


EXO’s superpowers prevailed. In Kai’s teaser, he was seen teleporting once again, possibly from London to Barcelona (as per Kai’s IG post)

SC_EXODUS_140318_Kai4EXODUS: Mass departure of people.

The flying dove symbolised EXO’s move on from being 12 to a new beginning as 10.


Image Source: exo.smtown | Written by: the EXO Style*

* This post reflects the point of view and deduction of the author – take out with full credit


Hello guys! Sorry for being away for so long.. been busy irl ^^ EXO’s BACK! Yayyy ♥

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