EXO-K for Baskin-Robbins Korea CF & Adverts

The boys of EXO-K has been chosen as the latest model to endorse for ice-cream shop, Baskin-Robbins Korea.

EXO-K for Baskin-Robbins Korea OPEN YOUR CAKE X-Mas CF

D.O., Baek Hyun and Se Hun Version CF

Chan Yeol, Su Ho and Kai Version CF

D.O. Version CF

Kai Version CF

Se Hun Version CF

Su Ho Version CF

Baek Hyun Version CF

Chan Yeol Version CF


Shop Window Displays

Merchandise Displays


Brochure Scans

Cards Scans

EXO for Baskin-Robbins Adverts

Chan Yeol


Se Hun


Su Ho

Baek Hyun

Image/Video Source: Baskin-Robbins Korea, 흉야  | Scan Source: 꿈, 그리고 소년

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