EXO Official Global Fanclub ‘EXO-L’


Join the Official Global Fan Club, ‘EXO-L’ for EXO

EXO-L is the official name of EXO’s fanclub. The name chosen follows the alphabet pattern K, L and M, standing for EXO-K, EXO-L and EXO-M respectively, where the letter L stands for Love. The equation EXO-K + EXO-L + EXO-M = EXO reveals that fans form one with EXO, echoing EXO’s slogan ‘WE ARE ONE’.

To become a Member is FREE and is open to anyone who likes EXO.

Register here: exo-l.smtown.com or download the app: Google Play for Android | iTunes for  Apple (Coming Soon)

Source/Image/Video Source: SMTOWN, Scan Source: BABYLOVE | Written by: the EXO Style



  1. still hoping and praying that kris and luhan will soon comeback :'(

    long live exo!!
    exostans are always here to support you guys ^_^
    Kai oppareul saranghae


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