EXO-M becomes New Face of Meilishuo

EXO-M landed their own endorsement deal and was chosen to be the new face of Meilishuo, a popular Chinese website specialising in women’s fashion with millions of users.

O_meilishuo_1403_EXO-M O_meilishuo_140408_EXO-M

Tao on the filming set of Meilishuo’s CF.


W_meilishuo_140417_LuHanO_meilishuo_140502_TaoO_meilishuo_140507_EXO-MO_meilishuo_140511_EXO-MW_meilishuo_140519_EXO-MO_meilishuo_1407_EXO-M1 O_meilishuo_1407_EXO-M2

O_meilishuo_140924_ChenHB O_meilishuo_140924_EXO-M W_meilishuo_141007_LayHB

Image Source: meilishuo | Written by: the EXO Style


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