EXO’s Pop Up Store at the 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week

Visitors at the 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week can discover EXO’s latest fashion venture. Entitled ‘STARDIUM’, this limited edition mini collection can be found at Design Lab at the DDP (Dongdaemun Design Park). The concept reminds of EXO’s ‘Growl’ era, with white school lockers as displays and a VCR of winking and smiling EXO is projected on the wall.

Products on offer are EXO football t-shirts printed with the member’s date of birth in white (EXO-K) and grey (EXO-M), ‘Kiss & Hug’ logo badges in black and red, and on spot customisable tote bags with letterings of your choice.

If you are currently in Seoul don’t miss this opportunity! For those who can’t make it, check out EXO’s VCR and get a feel of the ‘STARDIUM’ corner:

Source/Image Source: min810324, 0o熙锦_Pinkray | Screencap: chenuhes | Video Source: lightexo

Written by: the EXO Style | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT



    1. Hello, it’s F/W dear. :) Fashion Weeks are always held several months ahead of the actual season, that is, F/W Fashion Week is held in Spring and S/S Fashion Week is held in Fall to allow buyers and retailers sufficient time to make purchases and delivery to their stores when the actual season finally shows up.
      I know how you feel – these are collector items! XD


  1. oh yup, i’m wrong lol
    i only noticed now… that it’s F/W fashion week =_=’
    kill me for being… “unfashionable” lol
    i’ve been looking at your posts for a while now
    and I just gotta say…
    you’re great at what you do!!!
    thank you so much for identifying all the stuff they wear lol
    especially for people like me ;P


  2. excuse me, do u know how long the store will last?
    would it be closed as the same time with
    fashion week?
    as i am going to korea few days afterward.


    1. Hello, the event was part of the 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week, which ended on the 26th March. However, it can happen that some side events might still run over a few more days after it ended. Since you’re going in few days you can still check out for yourself. Good luck and enjoy your trip! :)


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