Lay for The Celebrity Magazine, Vol. 5, March 2014 Issue

Lay for The Celebrity Magazine, Vol. 5, March 2014 Issue

Lay, One Step Closer to Realizing His Dream of Becoming a Musician!


Lay, the one in charge of EXO’s brilliant performance. Within EXO, he is acknowledged as the most brilliant dancer. However, he is a young man with dreams of performing his own composition. This is a day in the life of Lay – going to Nakwon Arcade to look at instruments, working with songwriters and composers, enjoying a relaxing time at a music café – who is working hard to reach his dream.

Happiness Brought About By Music

In the early morning, a beautiful melody filled the studio where we were to meet. The Command Freaks Team’s songwriters Maxx Song and Ahn Sung Chan, who help Lay with his songwriting, were there setting up beforehand. ‘Recently, he wrote this song on the spot, but we’ve been improving it because of this interview.’ Ten minutes before taping, he showed up at the studio with his computer in hand. “Hyung, Can you listen to this once? How is it? Does it sound okay?” “Hyung, how does this thing work? Can I try it out?” Before even setting down his belongings, he was ready with inspiration and looking for the composers.

Lay has been interested in composing ever since age thirteen and has composed over one hundred songs, but said humbly that he doesn’t plan on releasing them because he has not officially learnt how to compose and he doesn’t believe they are good enough. He is always working with Chanyeol and Chen to improve these songs. There have been many occasions during which they would stay up and edit the songs together.


Maxx Song, who was listening at the side, said “He has so many brilliant ideas. He is very rich in emotion, which lends him the ability to excel in composition of melodies. At first, I was a little worried that there would be difficulty incorporating Lay’s works into Korean culture because of the fact that he is Chinese. But when I listened to the works he composed, I didn’t feel any cultural difference at all.”

Lay spent over an hour working with the Command Freaks Team, on both keyboard and guitar, to finish composing his melody. He played EXO’s songs to amuse himself and play around in-between, and recorded himself humming melodies he composed. There are not enough hours in one day for busybody Lay, for whom it is important to experience this kind of precious healing time to himself. “I have to go to Nakwon Arcade today. Today’s the day I purchase the guitar I’ve been wanting!” He walks with a spring in his step as he heads to the shopping center.

“To those who want to pursue music professionally, I would definitely recommend guitar. It’s inexpensive, the sound of the instrument is clear and exact, and it’s well-made and light, which makes it convenient and advantageous. Plus, there are many pieces and songs in which guitar is used as the main sound.”

I Want To Make Music That Everyone Enjoys

When we got to the shopping center, Lay’s eyes grew to the size of saucers because of the variety of instruments that appeared before him. “Ever since I started getting interested in composing, I became interested in instruments as well. I’d like to master guitar and drums, too,” he said while looking around at the instruments. As soon as he saw the piano in the shop, he ran over like a kid and started playing ‘Miracles in December.’ He transformed the shopping center into a beautiful concert venue.

Lay has a certain goofy exterior which charms people without them knowing. “This is it!” he says, after much deliberation, having decided on an acoustic guitar – the ‘WALDEN D55OCE.’ He had recently come up with a melody and needed this specific guitar, and was determined to finish the song by that night. He stayed at Nakwon Arcade until the sun began to set. After picking the guitar he wanted, he stopped off at the music café that he so wanted to visit. His soul seemed to drift away when he saw the vast collection of LP records (vinyl records).


“Wow! This is amazing! Some of these are even records I heard at my dad’s house when I was young. Today, I need to listen to all of the songs I want to hear.”

Lay looked through the LP records after gaining permission from the café’s rep. He forgot all about the interview and magazine shoot because he was so absorbed in the music. Listening to the rhythmic flow and beats of the music, he closed his eyes and became lost among the melodies. Though his manager warned him of a schedule later and that he had to pick up the pace, Lay was not bothered at all by his words.

Lay’s final selection was a piece by Beethoven. “Beethoven is truly an amazing person. He is the one who brings me inspiration and I hope to compose pieces like Beethoven’s.” Lay wishes to create the same kind of magical music like those of Beethoven – that which moves the hearts and minds of its listeners. Creating a song which everyone loves is not something that can be done in a single lifetime, let alone soon. Lay said that now, with that in mind, he will put everything he has into working towards his dream. 


Image/Video Source: The Celebrity | Translation: nana for fy-yixing | Shared by: the EXO Style


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