[Part 1] Cover Story with Tang Wei & EXO for The Celebrity Magazine, Vol. 5, March 2014 Issue



‘On the March cover, we see Tang Wei and EXO? But why only Baekhyun, Tao and Sehun?’ is what some readers may wonder. Tang Wei and EXO proceed to collaborate for The Celebrity’s pictorial process. In an effort to target all Asian audiences, The Celebrity features one of Asia’s greatest celebrity actresses, Tang Wei, who is by far the best candidate. After many months of contacting and persuading her agency to allow her to be featured, the long-awaited ‘OK!’ was sent.


In 2013, the globally acknowledged Korean group EXO emerged from Asia’s music industry, whom The Celebrity has been eager to capture stories on. We wanted to feature them in more issues than just the previous two. Though the collaboration with Tang Wei seemed difficult, with global group EXO, this concept for The Celebrity seemed more appealing. Now, we see the best actress and best K-pop stars collaborate and create an even better combination.


And so, this Several discussions were held with EXO’s management, and after much consideration, an affirmation was sent to us. But that wasn’t the end. Due to the organization and planning of Tang Wei’s 24-hours-a-day schedules and overseas commute, the question of how her schedule and EXO’s schedule would possibly coincide remained unanswered. More than one hundred e-mails and a dozen calls were exchanged per day. Then came the issue of which of the twelve members would be paired with Tang Wei and featured in this month’s issue. First, the members’ schedules were compared in order to see which matched Tang Wei’s. Second, which member looked best when standing next to Tang Wei? Keeping those factors in mind, as well as the issue of communication, the best candidates seemed to be EXO-M’s Tao, who secured his spot from the beginning, and EXO-K’s Sehun. Later on, Baekhyun, who gives off the persona of an actor, was finally added to the group.


Editors were busy day-in and day-out up until the day of the shoot. And the long-awaited day finally came to pass. As Tang Wei and EXO’s Baekhyun, Tao, and Sehun stood before the camera, the staff’s urge to applaud was just too great.

(to be continued)


Source: The Celebrity | Translation: fy-exo | Shared by: the EXO Style


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