Baek Hyun for The Celebrity Magazine, Vol. 3, January 2014 Issue


[Baekhyun, A Beautiful Companionship With Abandoned Animals]

In Baekhyun’s childhood, there was always a puppy that was part of the family. They played together, ate together, and cried together. That’s probably why it feels a little empty without the puppy. That’s why his nickname is “mung-moong-ee (a puppy with droopy eyes).” Ever since he became an EXO member, he’s been forced to be away from his puppy, but took a little time to go back to his childhood. He spent a special day at the Pet Adoption Center.


Trying His Hand At Protecting Abandoned Animals
“When we visit the Pet Adoption Center, how many puppies will I be able to meet?”
“What can I do to help?”
“I would like to take some snacks. Would that be okay?”

EXO’s Baekhyun bombarded the reporter with questions. Since his childhood, he spent a lot of time with abandoned/stray animals. He was very knowledgeable about what puppies like. Due to the busy EXO winter special album schedule, it took a lot of rescheduling to plan his visit. On the day of the long-awaited visit, even the camera crew was busy in the early morning. The manager shared with the camera crew Baekhyun’s desire to spend more time with the animals, even if it meant forgoing sleep. Baekhyun showed up at the Pet Adoption Center, located at Seoul Amusement Park, wearing very comfortable attire, even though he was on camera. “It was just as important for the puppies to warm up to me as it was for me to be on camera. That’s why I chose to wear something comfortable, for the sake of myself and the puppies.” He sure knows how to bond with animals.


Short But Meaningful Bonding
Bona, Mumu, Sam, and Sol were the four lucky puppies who received Baekhyun’s care. As soon as he walked into the play lot, every single puppy jumped on him with wagging tails. Familiar with puppies’ behavior, he hugged and played with every single one. Baekhyun thought that the playful dachshund, Bona, looked like EXO’s youngest, Sehun, and Mumu, the one he personally groomed, looked like D.O, and he said he’s like to match every single member with a puppy.


After grooming Mumu, he went on a walk with them. The puppies were excited to be out after so long, but Baekhyun was even more excited, jumping this way and that and having fun. “I was always interested, but trying it firsthand, I see why there are professionals (laughs).” Even though he only experienced this for a day, his attitude has changed a lot. It’s necessary for people who adopt and people who want to adopt to be well informed on how to care for these animals.


Source/Image Source: The Celebrity | Translation Credit: magnolias@twitter | Shared by: the EXO Style


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