Tour of EXO’s ‘BWCW (Boy Who Cried Wolf)’ Shop

On 10th August, EXO’s collab shop ‘BWCW’ was opened to the public. Let’s take a tour in pictures!

The Collab Shop will continue throughout the Winter Season~

The Store Display: School Concept

The Products: Collab with ‘Peace, Love and Understanding’, ‘Liful Minimal Garments’, ‘Nude Bones’, ‘_Rism’ and more. The products consists of t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, headwear, bracelets, candles and more.


The Boys in Polaroids:

The Boys in Motion:

‘BWCW’ products are only available at OUT LAB (at time of posting).


Image Source: Facebook (OUT LAB), Twitter (DANZITAO, eritan_1, EXO_GLEE, g8120, Geehyeqq, OAOKAI), Weibo (猫小贱cats419, iXiuMin, Wooki-yes) | Video Source:  猫小贱cats419 via Lay-Han | Complied by: the EXO Style



  1. OMG!!!!How I wish I could go, my friend going to Korea and she say she gonna buy sth from there, so I told her help me buy Exo’s item. When I realised there is this shop, I’m so happy but unfortunately, she going in DECEMBER*Pull hair*I’m so angry abd super duper sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Why just a pop up store, y cannot just leave there forever!!!!!T_T


  2. im really sad because i have no lucky to go there because i will go to korea this november and of coz the pop up store already close at gangnam..please let me know if this store already open in other area…willing to go there even the place is change..hehehe


    1. Hello. Rejoice because it’s your luck! ^^/ BWCW at OUTLAB will remain open during this winter season, November inclusive. Hope you can find it and ENJOY!


    1. SM announced through its FB that BWCW will remain open throughout the Winter season, so I guess that includes January (I might be wrong but it’s worth dropping by). Another option is to email them to confirm.


    1. I don’t know to be honest. ._. The best way to find out is to contact the store itself, which I did but they never replied… -_-


  3. I am still uncertain about the concept of this ‘brand’. Is it just a temporary set of clothes made to sell for promotional usage only? Will it ever become a real clothing line like, er, Forever 21, Gucci, Burberry, or something big like that? Because it is very clever and all, and I don’t want this ‘brand’ thing to end any time…


    1. BWCW is a collaboration pop up store and IS a temporary store. From my point of view, the store was meant for promotional purpose during the ‘Growl’ era which took place during the summer season. Knowing how SM is good at product extension venture, the success of BWCW was immediate! Seeing the popularity of BWCW (and the further profitability that it can generate), SM decided to extend the opening of BWCW for the winter season, hence offering a winter collection with jackets and hoodies. To answer your question, yes it is just a temporary set of clothes, since some of the clothes are collab clothes (with other established South Korean brands) and no, it is unlikely that it will become a long term clothing line. Yes, am sure all EXO fans (and maybe non-fans) wish that the brand continues…so sad that it will end someday TT…but hey, who knows what might happen in future! ;)


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