EXO to Launch their First Collab Shop ‘BWCW’


Well it was bound to happen and more than glad that it IS happening. Hints were everywhere once the first teasers were out – the EXO logo, the ‘Wolf’ and ‘BWCW’ printed and embroidered on beautifully designed pieces were unlikely to go unnoticed.


On 10th August EXO’s first ever collaboration with South Korean streetwear brands will be revealed at OUT LAB store in Gangnam-gu, Sinsadong. The collab shop entitled ‘BWCW’ meaning ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is an extension to their ‘Wolf’ comeback promotion and their school boy concept. The involved brands are ‘PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING’, ‘LIFUL MINIMAL GARMENTS’, ‘Nude Bones’, ‘BURIED ALIVE’, and more. The school-themed shop will offer fashion and lifestyle products as well as a unique store experience where visitors are expected to find hidden EXO related items.


A significant amount of labels have collaborated with celebrities to give a boost to their business, which is usually a smart move, and has a heavy impact on the brands’ image. EXO’s styling for their ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’ promotions is heavily street and hip hop-influenced and so does these brands. In this instance, EXO’s youthful style can easily relate with these brands’ streetwear looks. Long have kpop fans seen their idols wear mostly European and American brands, now it’s time for South Korean brands to shine!

As an EXO fashion blog this is awesome news for the boys! Proud that SM has given them a chance to make a spot within the local fashion sphere. Can’t wait to see the whole collection!

Are you guys excited? :D

Source: The Star | Image Source: EXO Official Line & Groovechaja | Written by: the EXO Style


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