EXO’s Interview with L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Korea Magazine, August 2013 Issue

S_LHK_1308_EXOInterview1 S_LHK_1308_EXOInterview2

Ah, I heard that each of the members have some type of ability(?!)
(KAI) There are ability of teleportation, ability of time control, ability of healing, etc. It’s not ‘of course!’ that we really have these types of abilities, but it was our music video concept during our promotions for ‘MAMA.’

If you really had those abilities, when would you use it?
(LAY) If I really had the power of healing, I want to visit the hospital every day after I finish my schedules and heal the sick.
(LUHAN) I have telekinesis. I am going to impede so that Kris, who has flying abilities, will not be able to fly. Haha.
(TAO) I have the ability of time control, I want to stop the time when we’re sleeping. Because we have a lot of schedules these days, we cannot sleep a lot.

What time did you wake up today?
(LUHAN) 6AM. Because we have a lot of members, it takes a little bit longer for us to prepare ourselves. To be honest, I’m sleepy now as well. (Intreview with <L’officiel Hommes> was done at around 11PM.)

You must be very tired. Then when is the happiest time for you throughout the day?
(D.O) After we finish all the schedules and we go home. I go ‘ah, finally I can get some sleep!’
(CHEN) Heh? I like when it’s time to eat the best.
(BAEKHYUN) It’s when I stand on stage. At that time, time really goes by fast. However, waiting time is a little dull.

If you were given a vacation, what do you want to do?
(XIUMIN) I want to excitingly play. I want to meet friends and eat a lot of yummy things too.
(CHANYEOL) I want to go on a beach trip with my family.

There are a lot of boy groups these days. What is EXO’s own weaponry(?!)
(KAI) Uhm…. visual? Aren’t all our members good looking? Haha.
(XIUMIN) All twelve members have different charms. We have the most members amongst the boy groups promoting now. I think that is our charm.
(BAEKHYUN) The fact that different memebers sing the same song in Korean and Chinese is our charm.

Have you guys thought of EXO ten years later?
(CHANYEOL) We are going to be promoting as EXO even ten years later. While we are doing individual activities in various areas as well.
(D.O) We will probably be preparing for our tenth anniversary concert?
(CHEN) The tenth anniversary concert is going to have to be a bit special. Wouldn’t we be having EXO’s own concert while doing a world tour.

This is the last. Do you guys have anything you want to say to your fans?
(SEHUN) I won’t say anything long. We are going till the end together. Haha.

These days you guys are receiving a lot of love. You guys also received first place on music programs recently, correct?
(XIUMIN) We were wondering if we really would. I couldn’t believe it so for a long time I was blank.
(SUHO) Before, I didn’t really understand why singers who won first place on music programs would cry. However, ‘in the end!’ we ended up crying as well. It was touching.

While promoting ‘MAMA,’ you guys promoted separately as K and M. What is different from promoting from six to promoting as twelve?
(D.O) We are able to show a bit more grandiose performance on stage. I personally find it more reassuring when all twelve are together.
(TAO) I also like it better when it’s twelve. Possibly because we are all around the same age, a lot of fun things happen. We spend time as friends. Although the bathroom problem is a bit hard. Haha.

The brotherly love amongst the members is close. How do you guys usually play when together?
(KRIS) We eat yummy things and go shopping. We often split teams as M and K when exercising as well. Especially basketball, our M usually wins.
(SUHO) Possibly because all the members are male, we exercise often. We also enjoy bike riding and running at Han River. There is also a member the went to the Han River for the first time because of me.

Is there a difference between Korea promotions and China promotions?
(LAY) There isn’t a big difference. Only that, I like it that during Korea promotions we are able to meet a bit more fans. Because China’s area is so large, there is a limit to moving around (for the fans.)

Seeing the performance, the choreography for ‘Wolf and Beauty’ is quite unique. Especially the first introduction part was quite impressive.
(KAI) The characteristic of ‘Wolf and Beauty’s’ choreography is the various configurations. We displayed trees, wolf pack, wolf sled, etc. with dance. We were expressing a withering tree slowly moving from the wind. That is why we didn’t put a lot of strength in our fingers. And when the song goes into reverse, our fingers that move more dynamically, become alive as well.

In order to pay attention to details like that, practice time must have been considerable.
(CHEN) We do it do it nearly all day. You can think that besides sleeping time and eating time, we are practicing.
(BAEKHYUN) There is a little bit of difference for each member but, I am one that takes a long time. Whereas some members had 4-5 years of practice, I on the other hand debuted in one year. I have to work hard and follow them.

Isn’t it hard? You’re at the age where you should be at the peak of playing.
(CHANYEOL) Of course it’s hard. However, there was not one time that I wanted to quit. The members are going to be the same.

It would be difficult for the Chinese members to live in a foreign country.
(LAY) When I look at a picture of my grandma grandpa, it becomes a little hard. Also when I want to eat Chinese food.

Source: namoo_kkun @ twitter | Translation Credit: nahbit @ exok-trans | Shared by: the EXO Style

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