[Style I.D.] EXO-K Su Ho, Se Hun & Kai – Kai-aakmann

Su Ho, Se Hun and Kai wearing Kai-aakmann on their way back to Seoul.

As seen at Incheon Airport arriving from Bangkok, 130316.


Su Ho: M-65 Field Jacket in Black & Contrast Sleeve Shirt in Beige | Shop: Jacket KRW(₩) Shirt KRW(₩) | Image Source: SUHO PLANET

SID_OW_Kai-aakmann_SeHunSe Hun: Two Buttons Basic Jacket in Blue | Shop: KRW(₩) | Image Source: Sehuna

SID_OWTOP_Kai-aakmann_Kai2Kai: Black Buttoned Jacket in Khaki & Stripe Knit Top in Orange | Shop: Jacket KRW(₩) Top KRW(₩) | Image Source: NO CUT PLAY!!!

Written & Identified by: the EXO Style | DO NOT EDIT

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