EXO at the 2013 Idol Star Athletics Championships

For the first time, EXO particpated at the 2013 Idol Star Athletics Championships. The group’s sports team members were Chan Yeol, Se Hun, Lu Han, Su Ho, Baek Hyun and Tao.


‘Always Walking with EXO’, leader Su Ho carrying the team’s flag followed by his dongsaengs.

In contrast to their elaborate stage outfits, a different image of EXO was revealed! The boys looked relaxed and fit in mint coloured track suits and matching blue sneakers, ready for the competition!

FP_130128_EXO2EXO’s Team Spirit: ‘We Are One!’

EXO proved their skills and won not one but two medals: Lu Han winning a bronze medal at the hurdles and Tao coming in second in high jump with a silver medal! CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!


Watch EXO in action:

Image Source: imbc, SEHUNA, EXO-K & EXO-M Weibo | Video Source: WISHeeStar | Written by: the EXO Style


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