EXO-K Kai and Chan Yeol Modelling Runway Debut

This is it! They’ve made it! After the designer himself confirmed the participation of Chan Yeol and Kai for his show through Twitter, it was hard to contain the excitement!!!

Kai and Chan Yeol made their catwalk premiere for established Korean designer, Lie Sang Bong, known as the ‘McQueen of Korea’. The mini fashion show was held on the 8th September 2012 on the occasion of the Kpop Nature Plus Concert on Jeju Island along other kpop artists performances, where EXO-K also performed ‘History’ and ‘MAMA’ on that night. It was just a matter of mere months after EXO’s debut that Kai and Chan Yeol already made it to the runway. Both young men possess handsome facial traits, charismatic stage presence and fit body stature, which are ideal qualities required in models.

Kai and Chan Yeol at the fashion show rehearsal

EXO-K with the designer Lie Sang Bong and Jenny, CEO of K.Plus Media

Surprisingly, both boys made not one but a total of three runway exits, each in three different outfits, which was quite a privilege considering it is their debut fashion show, proving their ability to maintain their modelling professionalism on stage.

For their first walk, Kai and Chan Yeol wore outfits made up of beautiful all-over printed jackets and pants inspired by traditional tree ink paintings. Kai smoothly walked his way down the ramp in a sleek suit, followed by Chan Yeol, who swung off his half turn in a diva kind of way, possibly having difficulties to keep a serious face!

On their second exit, the boys presented white ensembles with calligraphic prints, from the Spring Summer 2007 collection, accessorized with large white and black sunglasses adding more style to the chromatic pieces. Both walk down the runway together and upon reaching the extremity, while Chan Yeol posed coolly, Kai teased the audience with his infamous sexy lip-biting-plus-smirk look, much to the delight of spazzing fans present, bringing anticipation to the rest of the show!

Finally, the boys completed their last walk on the ramp in outfits from the AutumnWinter 2011-2012 Collection. Chan Yeol looked stunning in a matching long printed coat and pants, depicting mountain peak scenery paintings. On Kai’s turn, the young man wore a solid coloured double breasted trench coat in traditional beige with three overlapping shoulder flaps over a brown turtle neck top and pants.

For the show’s finale, the pair walked with the designer himself and posed with all other models for a group shot. It must have been quite an extraordinary experience for the boys, hope they get more opportunities in future!

Check out the boys in action:

Image Source: Lie Sang Bong & 고은경 Twitter, Chan10, Esprit, KimJongIn, NoCutPlay, SpunkyActionBaby | Video Source: SHINEBAND, LA DOLCE VITA

Written by: the EXO Style | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT


Way overdue post.. finally posted it! ^^;



  1. wow they totally did it. i really wanted to see it but uff not to be mean or anything but kai was batter at it. Channie has all the traits for a model but he seems awkward my as well the nervousness , and wow Kai and his smirks and lip biting .. any ways they look really nice now i just need Kris and Tao to model. so i can be happy


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